Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama comes to DC, I bought a t-shirt and a whole bunch of other stuff

Well actually I bought 10 of them, so my whole family and parts of other families can wear Obama on inauguration day. That’s about $150 of wasted money.
Then there was my last minute trip to London, $1200 for the long weekend. If the rest of Northern Europe is like London, then I am going to stick to southern Europe.
Finally, I went to see a friend in Texas for another weekend, Flight + Car + food was pretty reasonable, about $700. Cow boy boots worked out to another $500….. (I am currently eyeing a pair of Liberty boots, all this buying has to be limited)
This is in addition to the 2 to 3 meals out a day. Just this past weekend, after my hike at Shenandoah Nat. Park, I bought new hiking and trail runners….

Now I am wrapping up booking my trip in Quebec this weekend. I’ll be staying at the Ice Hotel http://www.icehotel-canada.com/. I’ll find out the financial damage after the bill is converted to US dollars.

Why am I writing all this stuff?

Well I seemed to have lost my way, I’ve been on a huge spending binge since the beginning of this year, and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. This blog has always helped me see my wasteful ways, and I’d like to continue to benefit from the blog. Just reading the past entries (most of which aren’t published) is helping me curb my spending.

In conclusion, I’ll be writing more, for you the readers and for me to find my way.

Note: None of my purchases are on the credit card, I have only spent what I have.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This whole financial mess

For the better part of this decade, I have been anti housing gambles. I got called a fool in so many ways, I can’t even add up all the ways. Most insults came from my family who stocked up on houses, some even carried the house payments without renting them out. Fast forward to election -5 weeks in 2008, and the whole mess is imploding. I am not the “I told you so type” so I keep quiet, but these housing cheerleader never quit. (My family and peers) Realizing that I maybe one of the few people left who can get a mortgage, berate me constantly with the 1001 reasons why I should buy a house TODAY…..

Back to the financial mess; which will prove to be the greatest reverse Robin Hood scam in history (take from everyone, give to a select few rich). The 700 billion in bailouts, or as I’d like to look at it, free money, will make a lot of investors whole, and severely devalue the dollar. I don’t even know how to put into words what a crime it is to attempt this robbery. NY time, Wash Post and several media outlets as well as academia has done a good job with analysis. So has Mish (link to the left)

I was a little worried about the housing prices affecting the whole economy; that was just peanuts compared to what Paulson is looking to do now. Instead of fixing housing, Paulson will transfer money directly from the national treasury into a few private investment houses. This is not even socialism, it’s robbery!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scam site moneybooker.com

I saw a used 2005 Range Rover on Craigslist for $9000 (market price is about 46k), and the ad read like a total scam. I am not one to pass up the chance for a good deal and a challenge so I went ahead and contact the seller.

The response I got was a typical scam. The seller claims to be in Scotland, the truck is suppose to be in a warehouse in NY waiting shipment. He needs me to open up a moneybooker.com account to send him money that way. He does not deal with bank transfers or paypal because the fees were too high. I did a google search on moneybooker.com and it seems this is a scam site. This site is designed to take your money, you will not see your money ever again if you wire it to them. Please be careful when dealing with private online merchants, and avoid moneybooker.com

The seller contacts me again after a few days, and wants to call me. He wanted my name, address and phone number to talk about the deal. Yeah right! If it sounds too good to be, it is.

I got an economic stimulus check!!

I can't believe I got it, about $100, but who's complaining. Most of my friends didn't qualify for the check, the few that did got prorated checks. I thought it was a bad idea to send out those checks, because the American economy doesn't need more paper money infused into it.

In other news, gas prices have shot up dramatically, so much so that SUV prices are crashing. I was thinking of getting in on a deeply depreciated Hummer H2, and living the suburban nightmare. I only drive about 20 miles a week, few trips to and from Great Falls Park. I thought about biking it, but decided not too because there are usually way too many cars on river road.

Summer is the traveling season for just about everyone, so I usually avoid traveling till late September. Prices come down, cooler climate and less crowds. Won't happen this year, as I am in danger of loosing a week of accrued leave if I don't use it ASAP. So now I'll have to pay summer prices for Spain, sigh... On the plus side, I've been told Cordoba is best visited in the summer.